Flash Fiction Preview

I’m actually really looking forward to starting our flash poetry unit! I’ve been doing flash poetry for quite some time now without really realizing what I’ve been doing. One thing I do wish about the poems we read in the website is I think they are too detailed, actually. The entire point of flash poetry is to take a snapshot in time and illustrate it in a short manner, a flash. Sure, you need some details, but it should be short adjectives and not lines of descriptive set. I liked how the poems we read did leave open endings. All flash poetry should have open endings in my opinion, and if they do not it should be well executed. Not to surprise anyone, but I did not like the prompts the website gave as ideas, they were too short and left little room for personalization. A big part of fiction for me is creating a setting and scenario derived by you. Taking any other beings ideas will likely disrupt the flow for you, the writer, but it could even throw the reader off. The website showed us a nice example of some basic flash in my opinion. By far the best was the one about the open book. It was vague in its unique way, no characterization of the character with dialogue, and no dialogue from the narrator. The view of the narrator is also very limited which gave a lot to the overall effect of the poem. I didn’t like the way the last line was worded, I don’t like statement endings, they tend to make me cringe. “At least he reads”? The writer could’ve done a lot with this idea, and surely better than that. Anyway, flash fiction unit! Get hyped!


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