Kawhi’s Injury, Was it Intentional?

In Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Kawhi Leonard, the star player for the San Antonio Spurs, was taken out of the game due to a left ankle injury. This injury has caused a lot of controversy however, as it appears that Zaza Pachulia of the opposing Golden State Warriors appears to slide it foot beneath Leonard’s and Leonard is in the air for a jump shot. Pachulia has a history of being an overly aggressive player, yet claims the injury was unintentional. Personally, I think it’s intentional. If you just examine the way he slides his foot under there, it has to be intentional. Even of the act was somehow unintentional, Pachulia should be suspended in my opinion. Health is by far the most important aspect of sports today, players really need to stay healthy to support their teams and make the game of basketball enjoyable to watch. Whether or not the NBA realizes it, they need Leonard healthy to make the series competitive. With the way the league is cracking down on over physical play, it does not make sense why they would not punish this act by Pachulia.



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