The Brother (Fiction)

The following story is fiction, it never occured, but is based on a real experience

As the bell rings he is already half way out the door, swimming through pools of high school bodies. Being a senior athlete has it’s advantages because people respect his space more than ever now, usually. He walks the path he’s walked many times before so he can get to his car where his sister will be waiting patiently. While he is a senior she is only in 6th grade and lacks the imposing figure of her older brother. As the brother reaches the car, a nice looking red sedan, he notices a small black truck with two boys, younger than himself, loading up. “Dad is in town” his sister says with a dry look of dread on her face. Hearing these words sends a jolt through his entire body as memories of fists, hateful words and courtrooms came flooding back to his memory. He started the car and accelerated out of his parking spot. High School parking lots are viscous places full of unspoken rules and egos the size of their parents wallets. The brother waits in line to get into the lane that will allow him to exit on to the street, he’s next, according to the unspoken rules of the parking lot. He begins the right turn as his sister turns on the radio, but a black truck seemed to not show him the respect of space. As the truck sped up and cut him off, the brother could clearly see an obscene gesture and foul language thrown his way. “Oh, really?” Said the brother under his breathe as the sister turned and gazed at him with confusion. When the brother was able to get out, he kept track of where the truck was ahead of him. His sister looked at him and saw a hint of the look he would show when their father would lock them together. She had seen his protective side, as he would let their father abusing him but never her. As the stop light approached the brother watched as the truck switched into the left turn lane, the lane that would lead him home to his father. When the time to switch lanes came, his sister watched as he slowed down, lowered his window and yelled out “Hey watch you who you’re talking to, alright!” She shifted her gaze to the rear view mirror and watched as a blur of black swerved behind them. Her brother laughed. Up ahead was the church the two would go to every morning before their mother stopped taking them. Her brother signaled to enter. “What are you doing!?” She yelled as she watched the pickup behind them repeat the action. “Stay in the car,” he said. “But-” “Just stay in the car.” She sighed, wondering why he must be so heroic in times such as these. When the two cars stopped she watched as her brother stepped out of the car. If you had just pissed someone off on the road and were about to get into a disagreement with them, her brother would be exactly who you would not want to see step out of that car. Fortunately for the opposing car, it had two occupants. One was about the same height as her brother yet lacked anything close the the muscle mass, while the other stood a few inches shorter than that with barely anymore muscle. “Gentleman!” My brother said with a grim smile. The shorter of the two met his gaze and yelled back, “Who the hell do you think you are?”  The brother only laughed as he walked closer to the two, stretching his wrists out in front of him. The shorter boy looked at his friend as he backed up slightly. But the taller boy was already walking toward the brother. The boy reared back with his right and fired a punch at the brother’s jaw. With a suddenly serious look on his face, the brother shifted his weight to left and slightly forward, dodging the jab and loading up a hard left hook that knocked the boy to the ground. The brother wasted no time pursuing the shorter boy who stood motionless looking at his friend on the ground. He should have just fallen after the first right hand to his jaw, but he stayed on his feet. The brother then smiled, out of respect for the boy, yet he did not spare him from a hard left to the chest followed by a right hook that sent the second passenger sprawling. The sister looked away as the brother gave both his opponents and hard kick to the chest and a special message that he whispered in their ear. He then walked back to the car and met his sister’s gaze. They locked eyes for a second, both with the same grim expression. “Let’s go see dad.” She sister said with a slight grin. The brother smiled and turned his car around as the siblings quickly forgot about the two weak young men lying in the church parking lot behind them.


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