Life Of Alex

My Job Perception

For the past 1 year, 8 months and 26 days I have been a proud employee of Culver’s, a splendid place. It’s been a ride, but first let me tell you about my interview. I sit down, and this overweight highschool dropout comes and sits across from me clutching a small stack of papers. He takes a pen and starts marking “x”‘s all over the pages. “Half the questions are stupid.” He hires me, yay, and tells me the manager, his sister, who is “kind of a terrible person” will call me. Flash forward to today. I’ve quit twice, only to be offered raises to stay by the owner of the restaurant, who sees me as a great worker and cannot understand why his GM does not like me. I’d love to know the answer also. For some time I really cared, in fact obsesses with this strange scenario I have found myself in. In doing so, I have learned a lot about perception. My manager is pretty much half way to lung cancer and seems to enjoy the “power” a GM position holds, where as my owner does not flex his power, letting my GM make the decisions. They are two completely different people, opposite even, and perceive my work ethic and everything in two very different ways. Are either of them wrong? No. Just acting in different ways that they seem to justify. Observe people and how they perceive things. You’ll learn a lot about them. (I can’t believe I managed to get through this without saying “bitch” once!)


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