Life Of Alex

End of my Era

For the past 18 years (I’m 18 now!) All I have known is this small town of Center Grove.  I have memorized it’s schools and streets and met many of it’s inhabitants, but in just 3 months I will leave. Though my new home will be a mere hour and a half away, It’s streets and people are a mystery to me. The memories of work and friends will fade with my next chapter of life, college. If you know me personally, you would think I am beyond ready for change, as that is what my face portrays, yet faces only tell parts of the story. I’m leaving my family, and my dog! I will miss my sister going through high school and my friends already there graduating. Everything I know will fade. What I am not looking forward to is the discomfort of starting over. It’s taken me 18 long years to find comfort in Center Grove, and now I leave. I know this experience will be good, yet at the same time I know im walking into a cave with a blindfold, my hands stretched out feeling for a wall to guide me yet all I touch are obstacles. I guess that’s just the way life goes sometimes though. Maybe in college I’ll remove my shackles and find some light to follow.


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