We read some pretty interesting things in Creative Writing the other day. So, authors write these short little stories that are about 150 words and publish them. Sounds a little bit strange at first, but I read some pretty incredible stuff on a website that featured this type of fiction, micro fiction. The first little story I read was called Unicorn Problem. It starts out talking about how there is a town that is settled near a stream and the children enjoy playing in the stream. The problem is, there are unicorns up the stream that also like playing in the water, and their magic is flowing off of them and down stream and causing some of the children to act like unicorns. Their first solution to the issue is to put the children in wet suits, but when this happens, seals and otters come “into the mix.” So the solution they believe they should try next is putting wet suits on the unicorns. Right upon reading this story it grabbed my attention and never let go. It has stuck with me for over a day now. I believe this poem is about how some parents are treating their kids in bad ways and accidentally giving them their own bad habits. I’ve always said that if we were to change society we’d have to change the way our kids were raised, so this poem really speaks at me. There are still a few factors I am not exactly sure about, specifically the part about the seals and otters. It makes sense that older generations that look good may be corrupting the younger ones and the wet suits are something that’s supposed to protect them from the corruptness, but I guess there are yet even more things in society corrupting our youth, perhaps the news or maybe friends? I’m not completely sure, and as for the wet suits on the unicorns, good luck! Suppressing the older generations and corruptness of the world is an impossible task if you ask me. Another story that my teammate pointed out to me was called White Picket Fence. This poem starts with an average family of four doing any other morning breakfast routine you’d expect, concluding with the parents waving at the kids when they get on the bus, shortly after that though, all of their lives go dramatically different directions with the mother doing drugs, the father having sex with other women, the daughter succumbing to an eating disorder and the son becoming a bully at school. I liked this poem for its truth, when we leave our house in the morning and stray from our family, we don’t always know each others lives as well as we think we might. What may seem average life may be anything but.


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