“Trespasser” (Poem)

Have you ever traveled somewhere so far,Walked miles through dangerous swamp

Trekked along the bottoms of agitated trenches

Just to encounter an exit sign?
Have you ever stumbled through the downtown

Alley ways and scaled rusty old fire escapes

Only to realize

You can’t turn left on to a one-way street?
Have you ever taken a risk

Ever journeyed to mystery

Attempted to acquaint yourself with

The unknown oddities of our world

Just to come to see the bold walls of

No trespassers?
I find these signs often

for so long I shrugged my shoulders

Dropped my head

let out my anxious breathe as I

Turned around, defeated

before I realized

You can’t let limitations hold you back

You can’t let your invalid fears

stop you from doing what it is you love
You have to try your best

You have to take risks

Sometimes, you have to trespass


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