Life Of Alex


My Grandfather died this past November. Though it wasn’t a surprise to my family and was probably for the better, it was still very sad to see a great man like him go. My Grandfather was the son of a German immigrant to America. Growing up, his family struggled to support the children they had and my grandpa was forced to work at a very young age. On top of this, my grandpa grew up during the Great Depression, making his family’s financial situation even worse and forcing my grandpa to work even harder in his job of delivering milk via horseback. When Robert Kuehr became an adult and married my grandmother Irene, he was forced to work for a company that undervalued and underpaid him. Even though he hated his job, he stuck with it to support his wife and two daughters as best as he could. I never really took the time to get to know my grandpa like I now would like to. I tend to stick to myself when it comes to my family, but there’s nothing I regret more than not taking the time to sit down and have a conversation about life with him. I’m sure he would have loved to do that. He loved me. He was so proud of his daughters and all his grandchildren. Through all his years, I’m sure he could give me some advice with any of the hardships I may be going through because he was always so wise. I truly feel honored to carry on his first name as my middle name though I will never be half the man he was. Honestly having his name puts a little pressure on me but I am determined to carry on his name and make him proud, wherever he may be.


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