Mind Blurbs


I believe music is the universal language. Have you ever been listening to music, any song or any genre, and really felt connected to the artist? If you have not, I am sorry, but maybe you’re listening to the wrong music or not listening to it right. No two musicians are the same and the product each of them creates is uniquely different. When I listen to music I get a sense of well being. I can listen to any genre of music and think to myself, what was the artist thinking when they wrote this? I use this technique for music I don’t like especially as it allows me to find enjoyment in those songs. Different music appeals to different parts of our emotions and different sides of our complex personalities. As I write this I’m listening to a song called “Die For You” by The Weeknd. By just focusing on the music I can really feel what The Weeknd feels about whoever it is he is writing this song for. I can relate to many different lines in this song as well the song as a whole. Now, If I switch over to a country song, I just found one called “Don’t Blink,” I can use the same technique to get a similar feel from a much different song. Even though I don’t necessarily like the song, I can sit back and enjoy the lyrics and get into the same mindset the author was when he wrote the song. Anyone can do this with any type of music, the music doesn’t really have to be the language you speak either. The way the author sings the song and the way they write the instrumental can tell the whole story. Any time I’m able I try to find music to have playing to my ears. Music has gotten me through some of the worst times of my life from being in a hospital and through breakups, and to some of the best moments. Music has always been there for me. I feel a greater connection to some of my favorite artists even because of the songs they write and at what times I chose to listen to their songs. Listening to music at different times can give you a different feel, just as different people listening to the same music can experience. Music will always be there for humanity, and I believe it is the best resource and creative threshold there will ever be. For these reasons, I believe in music, our beautiful universal language to enjoy.


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