Life Of Alex

A Grammy.?

All of us have that thing. That thing that we enjoy that no one else really knows about and we enjoy it silently to ourselves. I’m sure you have one of your own. Anyway, for the longest time my little secret enjoyment was the band Twenty One Pilots. I was introduced to the Musical duo back in 2014 after the release of their first studio-produced album entitled “Vessel” the album didn’t get too much attention when it released but it sure caught mine. After listening to just the first few songs on the album, I was hooked. I then went back and listened to the previous albums by the band. Their first album was self-titled and is still my favorite album of all-time, even after the release of their most recent album, Blurryface. This album is actually my least favorite by them, yet it has captured loads of mainstream attention and made my once underground band into pop music as their beautifully unique songs play on the radio among all the other garbage. I’m happy for the band and I think they deserve all the attention because they are unbelievably talented but something about it still stings. The most popular song on the new album, Stressed Out, actually won a Grammy for best pop-duo performance and the band was nominated for many more, including record of the year. I liked having my little TOP secret and I honestly miss the days of when they were still no one. The one thing that makes all their hype settle well with me is how they accepted their Grammy. When they were announced the winners, they immediately took off their pants and accepted the award in their underwear.

It was actually pretty great:



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