NBA All-Star Break Thoughts

The NBA season is shaping out to be just what everyone expected, mostly. Of course the Warriors are good, of course Cavaliers and Spurs are doing great things, and of course Russell Westbrook is being incredible. Before the season started, I predicted Westbrook would average near a triple double and he has not disappointment with his performances. These stat-stuffed games have lead the average NBA fan to think of Westbrook as some god. He’s not. He’s a pissed off future hall of fame inductee who wants to win. He has nobody around him who can really help him lead a team deep into the finals, so he’s doing it himself. He will not be the MVP. Before the season started I predicted Kawhi Leonard would receive the award and it is looking like he might. If he does not, it will likely be James Harden. Harden has lead a subpar Rockets team to become a legitimate threat for any defense through the 3 point shot. Eric Gordon is putting up a likely most-improved player season, and Harden is leading the league in assists and scoring in bunches more efficiently than anyone. Will the Rockets make the Conference Finals though? We can assume the Warriors are going to have the first seed in the West and the Spurs and Rockets will hold the next two. None of these teams will be upset by the lower seeds, and the Warriors will demolish whoever they play in the semis (Clippers or Blazers). The Spurs vs Rockets matchup is one of my favorites in the league. Leonard and Harden are both incredibly good players and one of the two will be the MVP, likely whoever lands second place in the conference. I think the Spurs can take down the Rockets, yet will lose to the Warriors in 6. In the East things may be more interesting than people like to believe. First of all, the Cavaliers will win the conference. I am confident and that as well. The next two seeds are the Celtics and the Raptors, Toronto most likely holding second. I think people are sleeping on Isiah Thomas and the Celtics however. This team has potential. They will make the conference finals over the Raptors. The Wizards and Pacers have slight chances to upset some of these teams. I would actually give the Pacers an advantage to upset the Raptors in a series in they secure the 6th seed. The Finals matchup of the Warriors and Cavaliers will go to seven games, yet the soon to be greatest player of all time will lead the Cavs to their second straight ring


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